Press Photos

High Resolution Press Photos

Hornsleth holding a model of the Deep Storage Project sculpture
Hornsleth portrait 2
Hornsleth portrait 3 
Hornsleth portrait 4
Scaled sketch of sculpture
Sketch of planned drop of sculpture in the Pacific in the fall of 2013
Marianas Trench size info sketch
Planned land based sculpture sketch for Vejle City Denmark summer 2013 
Vejle Deep Storage Sculpture sketch II
Poster Deep Storage Project
Deep Storage Project Official Certificate PDF
Deep Storage Project, Gallery Soulflower, Bangkok
Roskilde Music Art festiva 1
Roskilde Music Art festiva 2
Woman gives blood, Bangkok
Thai woman gives blood, Bangkok
Man donates blood viewed by Hornsleth, Bangkok
Students giving blood, Oure College, Denmark
Woman giving blood, Gallery Rumkammeraterne, Copenhagen
Hornsleth hanging the new certificates to dry, Bangkok
Premilinany photo of the first bronze scale model 100 cm of the DS sculpture
Scale image of Deep Storage sculpture
Deep Storage Project exhibition BN24 Galerie Hamburg
Deep Storage Project meeting with the President of the University of Guam