Deep Storage Project




On the day of November 30, 2013 something extraordinary happend. Something so strange and enthralling, that hearing the concept alone makes your imagination fly.
Picture this; A vast steel sculpt, 8 by 8 by 8m, was lowered deep into the Pacific Ocean. This first of a series of sculpts will be stored into the Marianas trench, right to the bottom 11,000 metres down. With us so far? That’s 100 miles off Saipan Island between Japan, the Philippines and Indonesia. Now, are you ready for the plot twist? It’s going to be full of human blood and hair samples, DNA.  
This is art and hard science colliding head on. 30 locations around the world have attracted 5,000 willing donors or investors, if you like. All are rewarded with certificates proving they believed this might be a second chance.
Science is progressing faster than the greatest philosophers dare to predict, so who’s to say that there won’t be a point in the future when these samples can’s be utilized to bring people and endangered species back to life? It could be 500 to 100,000 years from now. Who knows? But this is a chance to be there when it happens!
How will we have evolved? How will humans be different? The Deep Storage Project is fighting back against the natural decay and erosion destroying all that we know and understand. People are embracing the ideals of the The Deep Storage Project, and in doing so, they are becoming a voice to be heard in the future.