Get involved


We expect to end the collection of blood drops and hair samples bý mid November 2013, where after we will travel to Guam and place the Deep storage Sculpture with all the samples.

You are invited to invest one drop of your blood on a project paper slip and also give us 3-5 of your hairs including the hair root for DNA

One other drop of your blood goes on your Deep Storage Project Certificate
The certificate with your blood sample will be signed and numbered by Kristian von Hornsleth
The certificate is a gift for you and is a proof of participation
Your blood and hair DNA will be contained in the main Deep Storage sculpture in the Marianas Trench in late 2013
Special table size editons of the Deep Storage sculpture are availabel with engraved donors certificate number and Hornsleth signature HERE!
If you cannot visit a Deep Storage Project event, you can buy a DIY kit online. Due to the vast amount of interest we have to charge 30 USD for handling and shipping, ORDER a DIY kit HERE!

Large image of certificate  
Large image of the DO IT YOUR SELF KIT 
For any questions please mail: [email protected]