Vejle Star Sculpture no 1


The only landbased Deep Storage Star sculpture in Denmark will be placed in Vejle.

With a close cooperation with the technical planning division of Vejle municipality and private investors great efforts was made to facilitate the funding, permissions and architectual site planning of the sculpture. Our common vision and goals will be reached and the largest free standing steel sculpture in Denmark will be standing on the site by autumn 2013.

Along with the placing of the sculpture we are planning a series of Deep Storage Events in Vejle to invite the public to participate in the project. This will consist of exhibitions and blood drop / dna sample collection events.

I am honoured and proud to be working with such visonary people of Vejle, and I am especially fascinated with the level of interest and commitment the project has recieved. The project is interacting with various levels of communication with the viewers, all from a superficial introductionary level saying: "Aha, I give a blood drop, and I live forever...", and all the way to a very long term level about what is going to happen to our world civilisation and can we do anything to change perspectives.