Hornsleth Deep Storage Project


HDSP Green Policy
"Eco-friendliness, or bust" is the reality of the world we live in today, and with good reason. Because in fact what might just bust, is the very world we live in.

By this principle, the Hornsleth Deep Storage Project would thus never be an endeavour to pursue, if it meant damaging the natural environment of the Mariana Trench.

With this in mind, and with collaboration of the University of Guam's Geology dept., the main sculpture, intended to be lowered into the massive trench, has been designed and manufactured with the clear intent in mind to avoid any corrosion of the structure itself, and to eliminate any possibility of damaging the natural deep sea environment.

This is what will keep our art green:

A hermetically sealed electro-polished stainless steel pipe-structure, will ensure absolutely no erosion, or rust, in the oxygen void depths.

A nano-engineered outer surface will prevent any organic material or life to reciprocate in any way with the sculpture too, and ensure that it will reflect brightly back, when lit upon with a light source. This will also ensure that it can be discovered again 10,000 years into the future.

Exactly this is another testament to why the sculpture must not be able to erode in any way, and must be as unobtrusive as possible - it has to withstand 10,000 years of natural habitat into the future, so it can be found again! We, and all the participants, all want to be reproduced - and live forever, in a green, natural future!