Ole Fogh Kirkeby

The Deep Storage Project

Are we able to stop time?
At least we could fight it
By a shooting star falling from our dreams into the bottomless sea.
To fire a star able to resist the pressure
And filled with traces of memory
Meant to hibernate inside time
A hostage of the virtual
But also of that which we could still have been.
Technological Christus Victor
A sacrifice to our own destruction of Nature
An atonement with an angry mother god – this time –
The blood of man
A descent to the icy hell
Waiting 500 years for ascension.
To ally with evolution by encapsulating in it
In order to be found finally
As traces of a lost time
As memories of the future
Which only
That is the ultimate gift
Can be the generosity of the creature to the creatures
And then one day the miracle has come
A star of steel and ice
Soaring to the hemisphere
From the ocean’s bottom
The message to the multiverses
That life has been here

  Ole Fogh Kirkeby, Poet, Professor , Dr.phil. , Copenhagen Business School, Dep. of Management, Politics and Philosophy, 2010